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Acid Staining



For those wishing a distinct look for their floors, acid staining is an excellent option. Acid stained floors are the stunning results of a chemical reaction between the acid stain and the concrete surface, creating a deep, marbled color effect. The rich color becomes a permanent part of the concrete, so it can never peel, chip or fade. The acid stained floors are sealed with a sealer and wax that resists scratches, stains and chemicals making them easy to maintain for many years.


Multiple colors and combinations are available, each creating a beautiful surface that is truly original. Acid stained floors can give a sophisticated tiled look of any size and design. Logos can also be added. Borders are routinely used to add a touch of elegance or for visual separations of rooms without interrupting the flow. Acid stain can be applied to walks, living rooms, bathrooms and any cement surface.


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